A new gameplay system allows for more exhilarating battles than ever before!

These new maneuvers enable you to move quickly about the battlefield and use high-powered attacks to defeat the surrounding enemies.

Hyper Attacks

Just as their name implies, these attacks feature rapid movement and powerful attacks that combine to decimate the enemy ranks. Unlike the Power Attack combos that usually begin with the □ button followed by the △ button, these combos are formed by first pressing △ and then pressing the □ button. Characters with rapid normal attacks will now attack even more swiftly, while those with slower attacks will see a great increase in their attack speed, allowing for even more immersive and exciting battlefield action. However, while these attacks are useful against general enemy troops, they are less effective against enemy officers, so you will need to plan your strategy accordingly.


A powerful attack state that can be reached when the Spirit Gauge is full.

This powerful state can be reached when the Spirit Gauge is full by pressing the R3 button. While in Rage mode, your attacks will be powered up, and you will be impervious to enemy attacks. Additionally, performing a Musou Attack while in Rage mode will let you perform the extremely powerful Musou Frenzy Attack.

Mighty Strikes

Deliver a mighty blow against an enemy in single combat after completing specific conditions.

When you lower an enemy officer’s health to a certain level, stun them, or achieve other certain conditions, you may be given the chance to inflict a powerful finishing blow against them. Landing a Mighty Strike against an enemy officer can tip the battle in your favor.


You can move about rapidly by riding horses.

This game enables you to mount horses while moving, enabling a seamless transition in your movement.

Existing attacks and actions have been significantly powered up.