Create your very own version the Warring States era.

Conquest Mode allows you to select a starting scenario and clan, and aim for glory! Genesis Mode allows you to freely place all officers, and create a land modeled by your own hand!

Conquest Mode, which provides the core gameplay the Empires series is known for, is now joined by Genesis Mode, which allows the players to customize the starting scenarios and create their very own challenge. Freed from the chains of history, you can create the clashes of your dreams!

select a starting scenario
Conquest Mode
The game's primary mode. Select a starting scenario and clan, and aim to clear the set goals.
Genesis Mode
The player is free to edit scenarios to fit their own specifications, and play their own version of the game.
Edit Mode
Create custom characters and use them to replace existing historical characters on the roster.
Visit the Archives, in which events can be played featuring a vast array of different character groupings, listen to music or read the officer biographies.
Change settings and manage data.
Download additional content.
select a starting scenario
select a starting scenario
*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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