Multiple modes provide a wide variety of ways to enjoy the game.

Story Mode

The main game mode, Story Mode is broken down into two parts: regional stories and the story of the unification of the land.

Within the regional stories of Story Mode, you will be able to experience not only the tales of major daimyō such as the Oda and Takeda, but also those of the lesser-known regions of Kyūshū, Shikoku, Chūgoku and Tōhoku.

Meanwhile, the story for unification focuses on the events that take place after the regional stories portion, namely the events that take place up to the end of the Warring States era, and will be told from numerous viewpoints.

Unlike previous games in the series, greater focus has been placed on each faction, enabling the relationships between characters to be depicted with more drama than ever before. Additionally, the stories will develop from the regional section through into the unification section, allowing character growth arcs to be portrayed more clearly, as well as the reasons and motivations for their actions.

Regional stories

Legend of the Oda

Nobunaga Oda has arrived on the scene like a shooting star amidst the chaos. Together, the officers serving under him look to alter the destiny of this war-torn land!


Shingen Takeda, known as the Tiger of Kai, is supported by the young Sanada brothers. Now, the struggle to support him on his path to conquest is about to begin! Takeda Legends of Takeda


The brilliant strategist, Motonari Mori, and his son, Takakage, face off against Hanbei and Kanbei in a battle of the minds amidst the lands of the Chūgoku region!


Ujiyasu Hōjō, the Lion of Sagami, has made a name for himself in the Kantō region. Starting with his daughter, Lady Hayakawa, he is determined to protect his people and his family, as he throws himself into the coming battles.


Yoshihiro Shimazu is determined to become the most prominent man in all of Kyūshū. Along with the future leader of the Shimazu Clan, Toyohisa, the Devil Shimazu sets out from the land of Satsuma to claim the rest of Kyūshū!


Having been made the ruler of the Date Clan of Ōshū, Masamune vows to expand the lands under his domain. With the support of his right-hand man, Kojūrō Katakura, the One-Eyed Dragon is ready to soar to the heavens!


Motochika Chōsokabe is determined to realize his ambition in the land of Shikoku. Standing before him are countless enemies, along with a mysterious beauty operating from behind the scenes…


The moment of truth has approached Ieyasu Tokugawa, a daimyō of the Imagawa Clan of Suruga. What awaits him as he sets out on his journey to greatness?


Kenshin Uesugi, also referred to as the Dragon of Echigo and the God of War, goes forth to provide aid to those crying out for his help, and to emblazon the image of his godlike strategies upon the eyes of all who witness them!


Nagamasa, the young ruler of the Azai Clan that rules northern Ōmi, sets out alongside his wife, Oichi, and his retainers, Takatora Tōdō and Yoshitsugu Ōtani, in pursuit of his dreams!

Unification stories

Unification stories

Determined to pick up where Nobunaga failed, Hideyoshi and his vassals set out to unite the land. However, something unexpected lies in wait for them at the end of their journey…


Fighting under the Sanada name, Nobuyuki and Yukimura find themselves in a battle for the sake of the land. What will they see when the chaos finally comes to an end…?

Chronicle Mode

Travel across Japan and meet various officers in order to complete the stories of their lives in Chronicle Mode.

Journey across the lands of Japan while completing various quests, meeting new officers and collecting items in the new Chronicle Mode which lets you explore the world of “SAMURAI WARRIORS” for yourself. The Create Character feature has been upgraded, allowing you to create your own unique officers with even more ways to customize them, allowing you to put your own personal stamp on the history of the Warring States era. Special quests will also be made available which enable you to obtain rare weapons that are difficult to obtain within Story Mode.

Create Character

The character customization functions of the game have been greatly expanded. Including faces, hairstyles, body types and costumes, a greater number of elements than ever before have been made available for you to freely customize.

This game also lets you use images saved to your game system to be selected as Musou Kanji, Crests and Portraits, each of which can have their own unique image. These images can be displayed during your Musou Attacks, on the back of your armor, or as your character’s face, allowing you to lend a flavor to your custom character that is all your own.

BiographiesWhen you first begin the mode, your player character will be asked to create a chronicle of the age by writing down the biographies of those characters encountered in your journeys. The biographies of all officers you meet in battle will be added, so be sure to travel across the entire land in search of more stories to compile.

You are able to view the stories of each officer under “Biographies,” and by raising your friendship levels with them, you will come to learn the stories of a wide variety of characters. Additionally, you will also be able to become allies with and take control of some officers that you cannot play as within Story Mode, including some special officers that only appear in Chronicle Mode.

Country map

Various characters such as officers and merchants will appear on the map, and by advancing to their location, battles and events will play out. Each time you move, time will advance from daytime to evening to night. Certain characters will appear more easily at certain times of day.

At the Shop within Chronicle Mode, you can purchase items that can be used by your custom character. You can also buy special items from the merchants located on the map. Visiting your mentor enables your character to set a life goal. Some characters will be more or less likely to appear depending on the goal you select. Finally, when you complete your life goal, it will allow you to deepen your friendships with other characters, and you will be able to select a new life goal to pursue.


Battles within Chronicle Mode are fought like those in Story Mode, as you seek victory while switching between your custom character and a secondary character of your own choosing. If you win certain battles and your might is recognized, then you will be able to advance to the next region. In this way, you can travel across all of Japan and meet even more new officers.

By completing certain conditions, special quests will become available in which you can obtain rare weapons. Even weapons that are difficult to obtain within Story Mode can be acquired more easily as you progress through Chronicle Mode.


Special event scenes may play after finishing battles or when meeting characters on the map. Your friendship levels with the other character will change depending on the conversation you have in the event scene.

As your friendships deepen, you will receive many bonuses, such as being able to select that character as your secondary character in any battle, or being able to use that character’s weapon.

Free Mode

Play stages with characters of your choosing in Free Mode.

This mode enables you to play battles that have appeared in Story Mode with any characters you choose. The characters available for selection within Free Mode will increase as you play through Story Mode and Chronicle Mode.