The gameplay from previous titles has been overhauled and developed for even greater enjoyment.

Switching Playable Characters

Change playable characters in real-time, giving you the advantage in battle.

This game enables you to switch between two different characters on the battlefield in real-time as you aim for victory. By taking control of another character, you can seize the advantage in battle and also find hidden objectives. Additionally, you can also give detailed orders to the character that you are not controlling at the time.

Change playable characters


The relationship between morale and battlefield red zones has been strengthened.

The enemy is stronger when morale is high, so it is important for you to complete objectives and defeat new soldiers known as Standard Bearers in order to lower the enemy’s morale. The actions you carry out will have a profound effect on the course of the battle.

Family treasures

Powerful items that can be obtained by fulfilling specific conditions.

These are items that possess powerful in-battle effects, and which can be obtained by defeating enemy officers after fulfilling specific conditions. Regular items are usually only able to be used once in battle, but family treasures can be used again after a certain period of time has elapsed. Each item of family treasure is a treasured heirloom of the character with whom it is associated.


The portable item system from “SAMURAI WARRIORS 3” returns for this title. You can customize your items to each stage or difficulty level by choosing ones that focus on the area of your greatest need. Load up on Health boost items for a particularly difficult stage, or use those that boost your Attack strength for a stage you need to clear quickly.

  • Dango:Restores the Health of you and any surrounding allies.
  • Cup of Vitality: Restores your Musou Gauge.
  • Sword of Fury: Increases your Attack strength for a limited time.
  • Armor of Valor:Increases your Defense for a limited time.
  • Boots of Celerity:Increase your Speed for a limited time.

Officer development

Abilities and Proficiency levels of each move type increase based on character level.

As each character’s level increases, abilities such as their Health and Attack strength will also rise. Additionally, each character has Proficiency levels in each of the four attack types (Normal, Power, Special Skill and Hyper). As these Proficiency levels increase, the attacks of each move type will become more powerful, making it easier in turn to learn new techniques. Since Proficiency rises in accordance with your actions, your character’s development is entirely in your hands.


Use the Shop to upgrade your weapons.

In the Shop, you are able to use gold and gems to upgrade your weapons, purchase mounts, and more.



These are materials required to upgrade your weapons. There are four categories (red, green, blue and yellow) and each of them have two types: normal (like Garnets) and rare (like Rubies), making for a total of 8 different kinds of gems. You can obtain gems by defeating enemies or by melting down unneeded weapons.

Upgrade Weapon

You can use gems to upgrade the weapons that you obtain in battle. Each weapon can have up to 8 Skills that fall under 4 different categories, and the cost in gems to upgrade the weapon differ by category. All Skills have a current Skill Level, as well as the maximum Skill Level they can obtain.

Additionally, some weapons have some Skills that are locked. These Skills require rare gems from their specific category in order to be made available. These locked Skills are usually more powerful than unlocked Skills.

Reforge Weapon

You can take weapons from one character and reforge them so that they can be equipped by another character. This feature is useful for developing newly available characters or when you wish to manage the number of weapons you have in inventory. However, the Skills associated with the weapon during a reforge will revert to Level 1, meaning that you will need to upgrade the weapon all over again in order to strengthen it.

Exchanging gems

You are able to exchange gems from one kind to another, making it possible for you to obtain the gems you need to upgrade your weapons. In order to obtain a normal gem (such as a Garnet), 3 normal gems of a different type are required. To obtain a rare gem (such as a Ruby), 10 normal gems are required.

Network Play

All modes can be played cooperatively via network play.

All of the modes within the game such as Story Mode, Free Mode and Chronicle Mode can be played cooperatively via network play. When playing co-op play, you will be unable to switch between characters; Player 1 and Player 2 will each control their own individual officer instead.

  • Join:Select a stage and difficulty level and join a battle looking for another player.
  • Recruit:Select a stage and difficulty level and create a game looking to add another player.
  • Invite:Select a stage and difficulty level and invite a friend to play a game with you.
  • Quick Match:Look to join a battle looking for another player without specifying any conditions.
*You can play a stage on your own while waiting for another player to join the match.